Cool Mini or Not’s Valentines Day Sale

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Feb 14th, 2012

Cool Mini or Not is offering a Valentine’s Day sale:

From their website:

Ahh… the season for love! Get 20% off all these romantic themed miniatures this Valentine’s Day!

CMON Valentine’s Day Sale

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  • TMK

    LOL, naked women=”romantic themed”

    • grimbergen

      or furries… while I appreciate it and bought a bunch of the visions in fantasy animals, not sure what they message is…

  • admanb

    I can only assume/hope that CMON is trolling us.

  • KelRiever

    I think, shock, its just for fun. There’s scantily clad dude models to. But leave it to miniature gamers to focus on one gender more…..

    Is it really CMoN’s fault that miniature games are male dominated and perhaps anti-social male dominated? I mean, if we are going to blame CMoN for that, we should start blaming Boris, Frazetta and Robert Howard…..