Cool Mini or Not Releases Legacy Miniatures Confrontation Griffin Knight

By bj
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Dec 31st, 2011

Cool Mini or Not now has the Confrontation Griffin Knight, from Legacy Miniatures, available for purchase:

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  • blkdymnd

    Is this a resin of the intended plastic release during C:aor? I don’t remember there being a metal griffin, but I remember the pics of the plastic looking similar.

  • winter

    Yes it’s the same as the WIP shots from a few years ago, but $100? Ouch.

  • A.P.F. Porlock

    It’s a cool model, but way too expensive for me – a pity!

  • Right this seems to be the CaoR concept

    This was the original concept made by Rackham for a Griffin :

  • Hexenjaeger

    The rider is kinda ugly, and the griffon looks like he’s going “Boo!”…

  • puster

    Nice Griffon with a dynamic pose. If I just had the cash to spare…

    I assume that by the time the rider actually can slash anything this will probably be already a moot point…

  • To rich for me but great looking mini.


  • mathieu

    Legacy’s releasing a model that was intended to be a plastic release is a poor decision. Despite the lies from Jean Bey, Rackham had to significantly reduce the details and their quality on the sculpts in order to adapt to the plastic medium. A “high quality resin” version of that model means what? Fewer and coarser details than what Rackham used to be able to do, but perfectly reproduced coarse details? I was assuming that’s not the kind of legacy they were talking about…

    Moreover, re-using the picture of a production pre-painted plastic model as the display picture of an upcoming $100 unpainted high quality resin cast piece is pretty awkward. Again, I don’t think that’s the legacy of Rackham they want to exploit.

    • as79


      Legacy has shown that it knows jack about proper marketing and competitive price structuring since Day 1. Name one other manufacturer in the current market that (only) produces non-unit, bundled minis. There isn’t one, because customers refuse to pay money for 4 minis when they only want one.

      Their price points are just absurd. $20 for a human-sized mini, $75 for large monster, now $100 for a mounted model originally planned to be released as a pre-paint!

      And, every time an interested customer says “you know Legacy, I’d really like to buy this ONE mini, can you at least make that one available separately and price it fairly?”, the old “limited edition” song-and-dance comes out. Inevitably, someone brings up Studio McVey’s limited run prices – the ENORMOUS difference though is that I can actually see how many # castings SM will be doing of a piece. Legacy just says “it’s limited, trust us” winkwink

      It’s a joke.

      • KelRiever

        Well, I think Legacy is still in the experimental stage. They already paid the price for all the minis so why not try to sell them? Yes, I agree that you can get a certain sense of what is moving and what is not, but I think they are now trying everything they have that wasn’t released, and why not? You never know who will buy what, sometimes.

        On pricing, I think it is quite high, but they seem to be conscious of that. The negative feedback seems to be listened to as well as the positive, and I am not being a fanboi saying that. The rider seems to be the worst part of the mini, and it does at least look better when you see the resin (better isn’t awesome, by the way…just better…). Their greatest success seems to be with figures meant for 3.0 Confrontation, and that weren’t released, or released in very limited quantity. You can see the Cadwallon mins moved, the Hydra, the Flesh Golem, the Titan Dragon. And despite high prices. If they target the right minis, the’ll do fine for themselves (and its hard to blame them even if I personally would prefer about 50% of what they charge…)

  • Nicolay

    Agree with mathieu and as79. This is as awkward and painful to watch as Rackham’s last few months alive.

  • Repeter

    I don’t really like this miniature–maybe it will be better in person, but that photo isn’t going to sell the model.

    That said, I used the X-mas sale at CMON to pick up the Dirz piece. It was pricey, but it is by far the nicest model in my very substantial collection of minis from across umpteen lines. The resin is so nice, details crisp and the fits between joins is unreal good. I will be using very little greenstuff, which makes me very happy.

    Was it expensive? Hell yes, but I regret nothing! I definitely got what I paid for, IMO.