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Cool Mini Or Not announces Volunteer Program

Cool Mini Or Not announces their Volunteer Program, called The Legion.

From their announcement:

The Legion is coming!

What is The Legion?

The Legion is a Volunteer Program sponsored by whose goal is promoting the games that Cool Mini or Not publishes, such as Super Dungeon Explore, Dark Age, Relic Knights, the upcoming Sedition Wars and more. If you are excited about one or more of these games and want to be a part of the community and promote the hobby and games then this is the place for you!

We are looking for people who are motivated, enthusiastic and are able to promote games in their game store and conventions. Being a part of the program will get you special swag, access to the Legion forums, points to spend in the Cool Mini Or Not store and much more!

If you would like more information on, or to join this program, you need to do is:
1. send a email to:
2. you need to request permissions to the Legion group on the CMON forums:
3.Sign up on CMON and activate account (or just log in if you have one already)
4.Go to “My Account” -> “My Account” -> “Permission Groups”
5.Request permission to join the group The Legion