Cool Mini or Not Announces Arrival of Super Dungeon Explore

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Nov 7th, 2011

Cool Mini or Not announces the arrival of SDE:

From their announcement:

We just received confirmation that the container ship with Super Dungeon Explore Box Sets has docked! And we will expect to have products on hand on Wednesday barring any customs delay!

Pre-orders will be shipped in the orders that they were received. We are making every effort to get all the pre-orders and distribution orders shipped as fast as humanly possible.

For those of you that are sitting on the fence waiting for this announcement, you have less than 2 days to pre-order Super Dungeon Explore from the CoolminiOrNot on-line store to get your Limited edition Candy and Cola miniature absolutely free.

Super Dungeon Explore is an expandable strategy board game for 2 or more players, combining the fun of traditional dungeon crawls, with a unique retro arcade/video game feel, featuring authentic CHIBI anime heroes battling hordes of minions and huge monsters in a dungeon full of traps and treasure.

Get this highly anticipated game that everyone is talking about!

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  • CaffeineBoy

    About FREAKIN’ time, CMON! I’ve been salivating over this since I first saw it at GenCon 2010. I didn’t drop money on it until I saw it in its full glory this year, but dang. It seems like I’ve been waiting a looooooong time. Can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on it.

  • Gannon

    I have mine on pre-order, how about you?

  • Kolonel K

    I had a friend pre-order at Gencon. Cannot wait till it gets here – does anyone know if CMON are shipping all pre-orders, or just what was sold through their store? I don’t know how Soda Pop are doing the distribution.

  • F* Yah!

  • cannondaddy

    If this is a big enough hit, do you think they’ll ever make a video game based on it?

    • thetang22

      that’s a wild thought – a video game inspired by a boardgame that was inspired by video games….sounds confusing just saying it

  • Yay! I’, pre-order #8! I hope I can get it by Friday!!!

    That would be AWESOME.

  • CMON-David

    We will be working around the clock to get these pre-orders shipped out. Keep your fingers crossed, you just might be playing SDE this weekend 🙂

    • CaffeineBoy

      Now that is some unbelieveably awesome good news. 🙂

  • usagi3

    Can’t wait ! I hope the French version will get here soon.

  • odinsgrandson

    Oh, man… that’s fifty super-cute dungeon crawlers to paint…