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Kyle Sorensen making carbon fiber playing cards

Kyle Sorensen has made some carbon fiber playing cards.
That... pretty much says it all.


From the announcement:

There aren’t too many products that aren’t immediately cooler when they’re made out of carbon fiber. Daggers. Skateboards. Desk Chairs. Wallets. Now you can add playing cards to the list thanks to Kyle Sorensen and Kickstarter. Using Black 3k Twill Carbon Fiber, a silk screen, and red and white ink, Sorensen is creating one of the most beautiful fifty-four card decks we’ve ever seen. Technically, they can still rip and crease, but those standard paper card failures are only going to happen in extreme circumstances. They’re far more durable than your standard options, and they come with a plastic or metal case depending on your budget for a deck of cards no one else has. Stretch goals at $70k and $100k for red and blue thread options, respectively.