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Contagion: Rise of the Ilu now on Indiegogo

Aegis Studios has launched their Indiegogo campaign for Contagion: Rise of the Ilu.


From the campaign:

Rise of the Ilu is a 192-page supplement for the Contagion Second Edition Role-Playing Game published by Aegis Studios. This full-color supplement will include rules for playing members of the Ilu race, or as humans call them: gods. Whether a Gamemaster wishes to introduce the Ilu as a shadowy threat in the background, or run a campaign in which players assume the roles of these ancient deities, Rise of the Ilu includes everything you need to take your Contagion Second Edition campaign to a celestial level!

Rise of the Ilu contains:

Two new playable races: the celestial Ilu and their half-mortal children, the Ikkibu.

A dozen new feats for celestial characters

Fifty new spells unveiling the cosmic power of the Ilu.

Aegis Studios is offering a wide range of perks for your support. Through this campaign, you can acquire digital or print copies of existing Contagion Second Edition products at discount prices, a game session run by Contagion developer Travis Legge via Skype or Google Hangouts, signed print bundles of Contagion products, the Contagion Second Edition Print Omnibus, which collects various supplements that have previously been digital-only releases and is available ONLY to backers on Aegis Studios crowdfunding projects, and much much more!