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Conquest Tactics expansion: Inferno, now up on Kickstarter

Zeitgeyser Games is working on an expansion for their Conquest Tactics game and hoped you could help fund it.

From the campaign:

Conquest Tactics is a non-collectible strategy card game played on a grid battlefield, which allows you to visualize the battle in a less abstract, more concrete way. Your opponent and you lead your armies across a battlefield toward a fiery clash, employing hand management, resource allocation and battlefield strategy to outwit each other. You deploy Troop cards to a grid battlefield and pay Tactical Points to move, attack and cast spells. You can teach Spells and Skills to your entire army and reuse them at each turn. Rather than pursue a single goal, Conquest Tactics has several different Victory Conditions that can be achieved in order to win. You might choose to invade and occupy your opponent’s side of the field, destroy their base, challenge troops that are stronger than your own or upgrade a troop to its highest potential. You must achieve three victory conditions to win the match.