Conquest Miniatures post release update

Conquest Miniatures have added some new 28mm 500 Nations figures and also posted an update on their releases and shipping.

From their website:

Apologies for the lack of updates. I have a new computer but can’t find my web editing disc so have been without the ability (of course, if I new anything about computers I’d have figured out a way sooner…)

I have added the Winter Gear Warriors to the 500 Nations page. The Regulars are near. It’s a large release and I’ve had a lot of masters to deal with. The Mohicans packs will be restocked soon, with a new mold and better quality casting.

Woodland Indians A, B and C are being discontinued. I still have some B and C in stock. New sculpts are replacing some of the poses and all new molds will be made of some of the existing poses. They will then be re-released at the end of the year.

All of the Pre-Painted Terrain is now US Customers only. The shipping is just too high to send everywhere else and I can’t afford to eat that cost anymore.

I will be raising my prices in October. manufacturing costs and expenses are at their highest and in order to continue to create the finest American Indian Miniatures available, the costs must be shared.