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Conpulsion: Underworld Charity Convention Coming Next Month

The density of gaming conventions is only increasing as we move further into the year. Just about every weekend you can find some show happening somewhere. Oh for infinite travel funds. If I did have that, I know I'd be wanting to stop by Teviot Row House in Edinburgh on the 8-10th of April. Why? Because that's when Conpulsion: Underworld is happening.

The event is Scotland's largest weekend gaming convention. If there's a type of game you like to play, chances are very good that you'll find an enthusiastic group of players wanting to join in at the show. This year's show is also a "gaming for a good cause" sort of event. The show is not for profit, since all proceeds are going to The Grassmarket Project.

Tickets are available now for £10 (or, if you want to wait until the show, they'll be £15 at the door).