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CONjuration Coming This Weekend To Atlanta

CONjuration is in their second year and they're drawing quite a crowd in downtown Atlanta. If you're into anything magic-related, there's more-than-likely something for you to do at the show. They have all sorts of events from panels, to games, to movies, as you'd expect from a show that's much further in than just their 2nd year.

CONjuration 2015 Schedule of Events

You can see there a list of everything that'll be going on. Topics for panels range from the serious (such as gender dynamics) to the light-hearted (such as a panel on origami). I'm interested in what'll be taught at the magical cooking panel, personally.

Now, I must say that the gaming sections are a relatively small part of the show. However, they do have a dedicated gaming space running the whole duration of the show, and there will be quite an extensive gaming library there. So if you're a fan of board games or if you LARP, there'll be gaming to be had. I'm told it's an area they'd like to grow in future years, so show up and let them know what you'd like to see in future events, or if you're a game organizer, you can get to know the people behind the show and perhaps schedule events for future shows. Stop by and give Roddy a hug. Tell him PB sent you.
Ok, don't really do that. It'd be horrible for everyone involved. A nice wave, maybe? Yes, that sounds much better. :P

As I mentioned, CONjuration is this weekend, so if you're in Atlanta, stop by and check it out.