Confrontation Wave 3 now available on CMON

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Nov 2nd, 2011

CoolMiniOrNot announces the availability of Confrontation Wave 3 miniatures:

From their announcement:

Confrontation Wave 3 now available! With 3 offerings this time.

Drac Mac Syro and the Fiannas (7) As we all know the fiannas were the defining miniatures for Confrotantion and Drac Mac Syro was a rare limited edition miniature that was only available with the Ragnarok box set.

Confrontation – Molochs (2)

And the third one is a real treat, a never before released Confrontation – Dirz Wyrm with 3 different head options!

Available now exclusively at CMON On-line store. Get them while supplies last!

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  • I can see why the warm was never released…

    • Check the alternative heads

      • grimbergen

        Well the helmet style is typical of the Aberration/Nemesis clones in the hybrid sets. I actually prefer that to the alt heads.

        • This was just an hint for Achilles. Aesthetic judgements are something very personnal and of course we can’t argue about that but the alternate heads provide different possibilities that somewhat change the look and feel of the model – that’s why I mentionned them. Just in case… ;o)

  • KelRiever

    Now there we go. These are figures that people either never got, or seriously want (like the Fianna). I think this release will be a lot more successful.

  • I stand ready to buy some steam golems.

  • Much better wave this time. They’ll probably get some of my money before xmass

  • Balrog

    I stand ready to buy some new Acheron centaurs and ghouls πŸ™‚

  • Nocturnus

    Is it really $90 for the pack of 2 Molochs? As much as I love the confrontation stuff, at these prices, I’ll pass.

    • thetang22

      I agree, and have since day 1 of the new releases. As much as people argue – “well…people are buying them, so they are priced fine”…..I can only argue that there would be many more people that would buy into it if they had a much more accessible pricing point of entry.

    • grimbergen

      Well that’s still cheaper than ebay (for once). A recent set of the metals sold for $162. Even the cardless chinese counterfeits are $80.

  • CMON-David

    Just to be clear, these waves and price structure are determined by Legacy Miniatures according to their market research. The idea right now as I understand is that they are looking to provide mostly unreleased products in limited runs until they can figure out what and if they want to revive the game in the future. So, while these super high quality resin versions of Confrontation miniatures may not be the perfect solution to some, it serves as a temporary fix for those who are still looking for some of these amazing miniatures.

    • the Paper Warrior

      hi David,
      If your in contact with the guys over at Legacy I hope you might consider passing on my opinion from a gamer/customer point of view.

      A couple of things make buying into these re-releases as a gamer difficult. So far they’re only releasing limited editions: for customers this is about the same as trying to piece together an army from ebay finds (very difficult to get what you want and a limited window to buy it). Bundling the miniatures makes for a very high price point: it’s hard for most people to come up with an extra $80-$100. If they broke it down like the way Rackam used to package their models more people could buy them. I think if they can fix these two things they’re back in business.

      There’s no recipee for success, and my advice is selfish, I want the game to come back in a way that me and my friends can buy armies again.

      No matter what they do I hope they are successful. I have a great love of Confrontation and it’s exciting that it has a chance to come back again.


      • ish

        100% behind that. I absolutely love confrontation and would literally stop buying into other games and spend on this instead entirely but even so I cannot justify the money Legacy is asking for. And I already know that I will not be able to buy the Cynwall Dragon (the last missing model from my Cynwall collection) in wave 4 because it will be ridonculously expensive too.
        In one way Legacy makes me happy for they are re-releasing my favourite models but on the other hand it breaks my heart as I simply cannot afford them.
        The fact that you (David) say “these waves and price structure are determined by Legacy Miniatures according to their market research” tells me that:

        a – they are not determining the price by their production cost but try and max it out hoping that the desire of people like my self for getting these models will justify it (which is understandable if they want to raise funds to re-release a lot more);

        and b – they did not do their market research properly. Unlike the second wave The Fiannas are a good release, and so is the Moloch and the Wyrm, but the bundling of models is unwanted by most c3/c3.5 players as they will own some bits already. If they don’t they will buy them all individually anyway. And people who don’t have any of these models / don’t know the game will not take the plunge at these prices.

        Still, I hope they will be successful and raise enough funds (and will not back out after that) and re-release the game and models in better organised and priced boxes.

        I also hope the fiannas are not recasts of the c4 versions but the originals and they come with the c3 style square bases…

        • Nightbee

          They’re the fiannas that came in the original blister packs. I would have rather seen the SE one, or the musician, or Gwenlaen instead of Drac.

          I believe they’ve already said that all of these are coming with square bases.

          • ish

            Ah yh, just checked CMoN and they come with both… That’s one browny point to Legacy.

        • Talarius

          I’ve got a Cynwall Dragon (I think still in shrinkwrap, even) that I’ll never touch. (double-checking Comment Code of Conduct now… looks like I’m in the clear, so…) I will happily sell it to you for a totally reasonable bargain price, as long as I don’t get in trouble for posting this, that is! :-p Not trying to be opportunistic here, but I’m assuming these don’t come up on eBay too often or something?

  • Morf

    I think the info is misleading. Drac was available as a separate release, his English version came with Rag’Narok, but French was a regular release.

  • CMON-David

    Another clarification: We get the products shipped to us already in boxes with those nice plastic trays shrink wrapped (miniatures and round bases included) from Legacy. We add the 3.5 confrontation cards and the square bases.

    I always pass on all the suggestions to Legacy, but things are seldom black and white, I am sure there are reasons for why products are released in this fashion. I too long for the day of the full return of the game,

    • ish

      Ah cool, that’s good to know, thanks. I know it is always different from our (gamers / customers) point of view and probably wouldn’t care so much if I wasn’t poor.
      Anyway, I’ll just keep hoping for now and will reconsider on that day. πŸ˜€

  • Legacy Miniatures


    I take the opportunity to explain and answers to some of the complains I read in these last months.
    First of all thanks for posting them, we were expecting them and it is important for us to read and react.
    As David from CMON said things are not always black and white.
    I will explain where we come from and why we acted in a certain way and not in another:

    CMON has no responsibilities on the pricing, we sell them the waves at a certain price and of course they charge their profit margin. So no need to attack them, they are just doing their job.
    We are located in China, finding a trustworthy resin caster is very difficult and we found a solution that is still too expensive. For you and for us. We are now in the process to reconsider the whole process.
    We wanted to provide an impeccable product in term of quality; this is the reason why a resin mould is used only for few casts (5 to 8 depending on the piece) and why we inserted a plastic tray. We understood now that these solutions are too expensive so from future waves we will change this approach. We also work the miniatures with a system of integrated plugs and this is also an additional cost.
    We collected all the resins masters left by Rackham and we found them in a very chaotic status. Some pieces are missing; some others incomplete and we have to archive and catalogue in a proper manner. This is time consuming and we are not that many at Legacy Miniatures.
    After wave 2 and wave 3 we understood there is no reason to re-release existing products. We will limit the release to new pieces or to limited edition ones.
    When we will have finally sorted out the catalogue, we will sit down with our distribution partner CMON and we will decide what is the best way to relaunch the game. Again it is not an easy call because it is a huge investment and we have to do in the right way.
    These pieces now on sale will never be recasted in this manner and quality, hence customers who bought them could be sure of the uniqueness of their acquisition.
    The Cynwall Dragon will be sold at what we consider the right market price after we looked into similar pieces. No doubt, it will be expensive, but again we don’t think we will be able to produce many of them.

    Thanks to all of you for your patience, critics and we hope that we will be able in the future months to fulfil your expectations.
    Again if you have to blame someone it is us.


    Legacy Miniatures

    • Nightbee

      It’s great to hear something directly from the source. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

    • KelRiever

      Thanks for the rather detailed response. Re-releasing miniatures may be a good idea whenever you get around to a lower price point. Certainly, I can think that you are competing against eBay on still existing metal models when it comes to these. There also may be a better way to release these already existing models in the sense of the game; it would be hard to want 3 characters and two gargoyles for the undead if you wanted to start an Acheron army, yet 6 Fianas and Drac Mac Syro seems a better combination as anyone starting Kelts could use the Fianas.

      Good luck. Sounds like a lot of work. And I believe, when you sort it out, you will find a way to make more than your money back.

    • Veritas

      I wouldn’t completely rule out rereleases if I were you. Making a box of Black Paladins with Kain or a box of Goblin Ashigaru with Wasabi or something could be quite lucrative. Those models tend to sell quite well on the secondary market. But, you REALLY need to do research and maybe poll sites like CMoN for what people are looking for. I mean, I wasn’t the only one puzzled by how you decided what to include in the second wave Acheron box. The combo of figures just didn’t make sense based on collectibility OR playability.

      • Kenton

        I agree with this 100%.

        It’d also be great to allow a wider pool of playtesters to support the guy doing the stats. He’s doing a decent job but these things always do better with a group and it will benefit in the long run.

        • I’ll second too. I’d kill for a rerelease of some Uraken goblins. There are several miniatures that are awaited as re-releases. Just make a poll and ask us. This would be a good marketing input.
          The re-release of the Acheron box set were not well chosen (not very rare models, some of them already re-released – prepainted – for Conf 4) but it does not mean that, in the future, there will be no market for certain re-releases.
          As far as I’m concerned, I like the plug system (it’s like Alkemy’s one) it saves a good amount of assembly time if the miniatures already have good poses.

          • PS : one thing hurts my common sense a bit…
            “We are located in China”…
            How many, high quality, high price, deluxe, limited, resin or metal, independant miniature manufacturers are actually doing business in China?
            There may be many. I don’t know. Someone’s aware of this?