Confrontation the Video Game Trailer Released

By bj
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Dec 9th, 2011

Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interaction release a short trailer of the upcoming video game of Confrontation:

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  • jty3

    Interesting. I wonder when this project was started, and if it was during Rackham’s bid to become the next GW. Doesn’t look amazing but I’ll keep my eye on it.

    • I started when Cyanide bought Aarklash’s IP rights when Rackham Entertainment was liquidated.

      • Nightbee

        The entire rights, or just the rights to make video games? It would have to be the latter, right?

        • cmon-chern

          Cyanide Studios bought all the IP rights, and sub-licensed some of the non-videogame stuff to Legacy Miniatures.

          The project was apparently started before Rackham got in trouble, and Cyanide acquired the rights as a defensive measure to protect their development effort.

          • Oh yes! That’s right. Sorry for the confusion I had forgotten these details.

          • Nightbee

            That’s horrible news (it’s news to me, at least). I wonder if they’ll be looking to sell it off soon after the computer game is released. Could that affect the miniature game license? Is that perhaps why Legacy is stalling a rerelease of the wargame, because they expect to own the license in a year or so?

  • Magno

    Is this a Strategy game or an RPG?

    • I think it’s a mix between a RPG and a RTS game.

  • number9

    GTA: Cadwallon would have been a much more intriguing environment for a game.

  • Same guys that did the latest Blood Bowl video game. Might just be good. 😉

    • admanb

      The Blood Bowl game is actually pretty mediocre given that all Cyanide had to do was build an interface and graphics for an existing game design.

  • I think it’s interesting that for the first half of the video all we see is people/creatures breathing heavily (or having convulsions). Cyanide makes games that look outdated.. I’m sorry but too many games based on miniatures, ccgs, etc are using the fact that there is a hardcore playerbase as a crutch to use second-rate graphics. Compare that to the way most OTHER modern games look and it’s a little insulting.
    Is that harsh? Yeah, but you know what.. I am a gamer, and this isn’t the 90s anymore.. or even the first decade of 2k

    • I still have a lot of fun with some oldies. It depends on the gameplay. Some old good games are still worth interest.

      • This isn’t an oldie though.. it’s a game that is currently being developed right now.

        • lordofexcess

          Totally agree … on your main point and your followup comment.

  • Grim6

    I’m glad to see that the IP is still alive, but I have to agree that the game looks underwhelming. It’s unfortunate that a game that had such unique character is being turned into a game that looks pretty common.

  • Nightbee

    Is anyone shocked that this looks awful?

    • lordofexcess

      No. I mean its a game based on a minis game produced by a bankrupt company, one that went out of business selling said game … umm … really what else could one hope for 🙂

    • Vaxillus

      I’d be beyond shocked if it looked good.

  • In the words of that kid from the Simpsons…

    “STOP……. stop…. He’s already dead!….”

  • keltheos

    Random Q: why do video games feel the need to make the models look like they’re completely winded or doing Night at the Roxbury impressions? Esp in this one.

    • They probably have very very new animator(s) that doesn’t quite know what subtlety is. The idle sequences need to have their curves trimmed by about half from what we see. Also notice that the units are all running exactly in sync..which means the animator(s) copy/pasted the motion files without a second thought at all.
      Lazy animation with flat looking models in a mediocre environment.. I’m sorry but I bought Blood Bowl for like $3 at Wal-Mart b/c the case was damaged and it had already been on clearance.. I will be waiting for a similar situation with this one.

  • I’ll wait for the final product. Graphics are decent, not exceptionnal but, I appreciate video game companies that don’t push you to buy a new “gamer” PC with each release.

    • lordofexcess

      You can try to excuse poor video game quality by saying “oh good I don’t need to buy a new PC” but that hasn’t really been the case since like 2002. These days its more like oh I should buy a new video card for that game, if even. Games aren’t smashing the curve like they used to. They could make a very nice looking, polished, well designed game … that wouldn’t require anyone to upgrade. The point people are making here is it looks like they won’t be doing that, just from the screen shots, etc. We’ll see … I’m reserving judgement. All kidding aside I do like to see a video game get produced that is based on miniature games. If nothing else maybe it will catch some people out in the video game world and get them into minis. The one thing the guys at Rackham did do decently (beyond having some wonderful sculpts in their range) was create a unique looking set of miniatures, etc. so if they have ANYTHING in the game along those lines I hope they can bring that to life. The comments about heavy breathing and stuff aside (its far too early to say what that was all about … they can adjust things like that if they want to … who knows when that footage was from in the lifecycle of the project) there is really not much to go by in the trailer. It is just a teaser. Given that the developer is really small market/licensed product type house though … I wouldn’t expect anything amazing here … but they could surprise people who knows.

      • Consider World of Warcraft and you’ll get my point. I’ve been runing it for years on average quality computers even on an old Pre-Intel Mac G4 (till WotLK). And this game was a juge success due to other qualities than trully astounding graphics.
        So let’s give them a chance. ;o)

        • Vaxillus

          World of Warcraft is also 7 years old. They’ve had one small graphical update, that’s it. People also expect a drop in visual quality in MMOs because of their open world nature and amount of outside data that must be streamed in through the ‘net.

        • There are new technologies on the development side that mean companies can create more attractive games WITHOUT the impact on performance. The advent of Normal Maps, better file compression, updates to the way the internet handles data (both hardware and software), etc etc. There are more interesting/detailed looking games available for smart phones than this.
          The only possible way this will have a saving grace is if it’s either a) extremely cheap, or b) advertised extremely well.

  • vicg61

    Concerning this teaser video, since Cyanide failed to convey the most important and attractive element of Confrontation/Cadwallon, which is the design and graphics of Rackham’s universe , how can they be expected to deliver an interesting Aarklash gaming experience?

    My fear is that rather than generate renewed interest in the tabletop version of this game it will be the death knell of future miniature’s production.

  • Scud

    Video gamers will pass this over without a second thought. Sorry, this looks like a phone or tablet app or at best a $5 steam dl game, and that’s really stretching it. If that’s what they’re going for then fine but to hope that there’s enough interest in the miniature gaming community for this to succeed they’re in for a rude awakening.

    • Vaxillus

      The textures are too low-res to be anything other than an indi-level game, at least unless they’ve been hiding that it’s somehow going to quintuple the number of things on screen. Even so, boring art direction from the company, they managed to make an interesting setting feel generic.

  • Cherno

    This video reminded me of the extremely popular Multiplayer Tactical skirmish game “League of Legends”, and if they can achieve the same “simple to learn, hard to master” approach, this might just be decently successful.

    • cmon-chern

      My thoughts exactly, if there are tons of creeps on the screen, a lower poly count per character is forgivable.

  • Cherno

    Besides, if they aim the game at casual gamers, you can get away with WoW-quality graphics without any problems, it even makes sense as the game has lower system requirements and hence can be played by more people. I really hope their marketing team does the right thing.

    • I don’t agree with this.. There’s a difference between lower detail and lower quality. Peggle Nights is a casual game with lower detail graphics but they are still high quality. I wish people would stop using this as a cop out.