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Confrontation Classic Coming to Kickstarter Next Year

I remember when Confrontation first came out. At the time, at my LGS, all we really had were GW games. Then Confrontation and Warmachine showed up at basically the same time and split the community almost down the middle. I tried a little bit of both. However, as time went on, Confrontation ebbed away while Warmachine kept on the rise. Many people miss the Confrontation system. Well, next year, their wait for its return will be over. The game will be making its way to Kickstarter for a rebirth.

From the announcement:

Sans Detour announced they will be launching Confrontation Classic via a Kickstarter campaign the first semester of 2018.
Confrontation Classic will be a tribute to the original game and will be re-issued in a Prestige Edition.
Confrontation Resurrection, which will be set after the Rag'Narok is planned for 2019.