Confrontation Aarklash Warpack open beta testing

Rackham Entertainment has started an open beta test for their Confrontation Aarklash Warpack game.

From their website:

Here we go. Sentinels have now tested Aarklash Warpack, Rackham Entertainment’s skirmish game in the world of Aarklash. Many thanks to them for their energy and enthusiasm: their questions have allowed us to clarify the basic rules where necessary.

The first test sessions confirmed that Aarklash Warpack has reached its goals. The game is easy to grasp while offering a lot of tactical opportunities. You can use it to introduce people around you to miniature strategy gaming. It’s fast and heroic. It allows you to play game after game in a tournament or to have your friends experience the fun of miniatures.

Our studio also pondered the suggestions made here on the blog: your comments helped our designers with their choices of the best logo for the game.

Now it’s your turn to play. Well… almost. We’d love to have you take part in the last testing round for Aarklash Warpack, if you feel like it. Here’s the perfect opportunity to leave your mark (footprint, claw, whatever) in the design of a game.