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Conflict WWII free rules download available

Conflict WWII has their rules up for free download on their website. Why not give it a try?

From the website:

These rules (Conflict WW2) outline methods to run a huge "outer game" that reflects the results of boardgames and miniature battles.
The outer war depicts WW2 on three levels, being Strategic, Operational, and Tactical. There is Production, Intelligence, Research, and a chain of command.
Battle is done at the Tactical Level, which is where the table comes in.
Events and conditions in the outer game are reflected in the setup and order of battle on the table. These result in an advantage for one side or the other which is relected as a die roll modifier.
Coming into the tabletop battle, each commander has a Command Value from his previous results in the outer war. When the battle is over, one of them will win another Command Point. The other will lose one.
This is a revolutionary new way to link the physical gaming with the larger war going on "out there".
The concept can be adapted to wars other than WW2.