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Conflict at World's End v1.5 now available

Irregular Wars has released the version 1.5 of their Conflict At World's End rulebook that you can download now off of Vexillia.

From the update:
Designed by Irregular Wars, these rules are for for small-scale actions from c. 1519 to 1641, and consist of five high quality PDFs providing rules, army lists, a play sheet, some useful diagrams, and a set of optional chance cards. The latest version (1.5) retains all the fast and fun mechanisms from the original game.

Rather than focusing on the minutiae of individual casualties and armour-based saving throws, the core game mechanic is based on the resolve of individual companies, given their changing situation throughout the game. When a company's resolve drops too much, it ceases to function as a tactical unit and is removed from play, regardless of actual casualties.

What's New?

Version 1.5 introduces a few changes to further enhance the game:

* Amended battle lists change the game performance of several company types, such as reiters and armed mobs.
* Nine new lists for nationalities and factions including Coureur des Bois, East Africans and Ming.
* New scenario rules for set-piece actions, raids on villages and livestock, ambushes and breakthroughs.
* Minimum numbers of troops prevents poor recruitment dice from completely ruining the game.
* New mishaps to befall your companies and mess up your carefully laid deployment before the game even begins.
* Finally, the core rules document is now an A5 PDF. The smaller page size is ideal for eBook readers and tablets, as well as traditional hard copies.

Version 1.5 costs £6.00 (EU) or £5.00 (world), and there are free sample pages available.

Size Matters
You can order A5/A4 and A5/US letter bundles, so please select the correct paper size when ordering.

Upgrade v1.0 or 1.1 to v1.5

If you already own a copy of version 1.0 or 1.1, then you can upgrade to version 1.5 for £1.20 (EU), or £1.00 (world). To upgrade, email us using the special link on the web page.