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Condottiere Being Added to Z-Man Games' Catalog

Z-Man Games seem to be the place to go for re-releases and new editions of recently-classic games. They've got another they're adding to their catalog. In this case, it's Condottiere. They're updating the rules and the map, while still keeping the art style from the 2007 version. They're also bringing in 2-player version. You can check out their announcement below.

From the announcement:

What's New

Tomasz Jedruszek’s iconic art style from the 2007 edition of Condottiere really grounded the game’s visual tone, so we invited him to put his years of experience to the test and do a new take on his earlier work. Fortunately, he was quite excited to revisit this project, and we’ll chat about the art and visuals more with him and the Z-Man creative team in a future preview.

In addition to the all-new art and graphics overhaul, this version of the game boasts some exciting new features:

A larger board, for all those fans who spent years huddled over a tiny board.
The modern ruleset, sticking to the formula that made the game so successful for the last decade.
The classic ruleset, granting fans of the original game their wish of a portable version with their preferred ruleset—we heard you!
A clever 2-player variant, for those times when you are only +1, but still need your Condottiere fix.
Reminder icons on special cards, to summarize their effects and make the game more accessible for new players.

We’ll touch on all these features and more over the coming weeks.