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Concord C3 Drop Squad and NuHu Mandarin Released for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Well, we had the preview of these guys not so long ago. The consensus was not all that positive about the sculpts. Comparisons to pieces of plumbing were made. I don't know if I dislike the figures as much as the commenters seemed to.
Anyway, if you do like how they look and you want to add them to your Beyond the Gates of Antares forces, the C3 Drop Squad and NuHu Mandarin are now available.

The Drop Squad troops are some of the toughest warriors the Concord has at their disposal. They're also heavily armed, meaning you don't want to be on the other side of the field when they show up to a fight.
Meanwhile, the NuHu Mandarin are able to manipulate nanite fields (sure, it can be a thing). This allows them to create powerful defensive shields or strike with very precise bolts of energy.

Drop Squad