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Conan : The Legend board game coming soon

Monolith, a new company, has the license to create a new board game based on Conan. They've got some preview art pieces and WIP sculpt up.
Note: The linked article is in French.


From the announcement:

The newly founded Monolith company will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a miniatures boardgame on the Conan license. Conan The Legend will be published in English and French and and will launch internationally in 2015.

Many famous names are associated with the project, such as Adrian Smith, for the art direction. He will be supported by a team of renowned sculptors: Stéphane Simon, Yannick Hennebo, Jacques-Alexandre Gillois Stéphane Nguyen, Gregory Clavilier.

More info on les Maîtres du Jeu.