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Conan: Rise of Monsters posts Quickplay Rules

I'm always a big proponent of "try before you buy." These days, most of us can't afford to buy into a game without being sure we really want to play it. That's why I always like to see companies post up rules for their game online. This is extra-crucial during a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign, if you ask me. The fellows over at Pulposaurus Entertainment agree. As such, they've posted up the Quickstart rules for Conan: Rise of Monsters on their Kickstarter.

These aren't the full version of the game rules. They're just designed to get you playing quickly. So if you feel that maybe these lack "depth," then just remember that there's more to them than what you see here. Also, obviously, since the game won't be out for several months after the campaign ends, things might still change. But hey, that means if you see a problem or ambiguity, just let the fellows over there know and it can be fixed before the final printing.

The campaign is about 2/5 funded with still 23 days left to go.