Computer Viruses are nasty

Anvil Eight Games is showing off a new bit of concept art for Aetherium over on their Kickstarter page. Check out The Rhommox.

The Rhommox


From the campaign:

One week to go! It has been an incredible 23 days, with 7 more to go… We are positively elated by all the feedback, as well as by the growing enthusiasm of this new community. We cannot thank you enough for believing in Aetherium and for giving this incredible new game the impetus it needs to reach your tabletop. Glorious.

Because of you, Aetherium is real and it is here to stay! With that in mind, here is a very brief sneak peek of what we mean when we say that.

Looking forward. Several of you have asked about House Ikaru with some considerable interest; however, House Ikaru is just one of several tremendous factions we have in the works. Quite a few supporters have also asked about a faction we mentioned during the interview with Bill at Gamer’s Lounge: The Rhommox.