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Complex 77 launches Forgotten Temple pdf terrain Kickstarter

Complex 77 has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Forgotten Temple pdf terrain pieces.


From the campaign:

The Forgotten Temple Tile Set was first offered as an add on for Living Dungeon 01 but we have had such a good time designing it we want to do some more. Originally the set was for a 20 tiles and included as an add on. What we would like to do, with your help, is upgrade the set to 30+ tiles and produce them in both OLD and NEW sets with a wet and dry version, the set will also include Tokens and Passage ways all designed to fit in the Forgotten Temple sets. And don't worry, if you added Forgotten Temple during the Living Dungeon Kickstarter, there is a Pledge Level that will allow you to upgrade your set.

There is the Option of Clean (New) and Dirty (Old) sets, and both of these sets will include both wet and dry versions of the boards. So when we say that you'll be getting a 30 tile set, you will actually be getting a 60 tile set, 30 Wet Tiles and 30 Dry Tiles. Plus all the tokens and passage ways for both ^.^