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Company update from Paymaster Games

Paymaster Games has been quiet lately, but that doesn't mean they've not been working. Here's an update about what they've got going on:

I know you guys were wondering if Paymaster had become a ghost ship website of sorts. But I have a lot of announcements. First off, we are proud to announce that we have entered the play testing phase of our new table top war game, Going Native: Warpath. This game is based on the cultures and places of Pre-Colombian America. While we do plan to do all of the native cultures, we are starting with 4 cultures, Pacific Northwest, Eastern Woodlands, Inca, and Aztecs.

In order to add more depth and interest to the game, we have also added the mythical monsters from native cultures from all over the Americas. We here at Paymaster wanted to show that the Myths of the Native American cultures were just as valid as those from the Europe and far east.

Please watch Kickstarter for a couple of our campaigns which will be up soon. So keep an Eye out. We will be making updates as we get them.

Oh, if you want in on the play testing of Going Native: Warpath, please do not be shy and contact us at playtester@paymastergames.