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Commissioned Cooperative Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Chara Games is running a Kickstarter for Commissioned, their new cooperative board game. In it, players are working to expand the Christian church during its first 150 years. They must work together against the likes of gladiators, Roman governors, spiritual attacks, and natural disasters. They must collect together the New Testament and spread the word to the masses. They must be quick, because if they're not done by the time the Trial deck runs out, or if they lose 5 churches, the game is over.

The game comes with a double-sided game board, 6 apostle boards, the Trial deck of 21 cards, the Faith deck of 96 cards, 2 scenario cards, 6 pawns, 4 meeples, 75 cubes to represent church members, a wooden Elder staff, mission and growth stops, a converted city leaders token, rulebook, and 8-sided die.

The campaign has made it over their funding goal and still has 24 days left to go.