Comment and article rating

I am experimenting with a new system to allow people to rate comments and news posts. All news posts now have a like/dislike rating and comments have a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system that allow you to rate news items as well as comments from other users.

Update: after some thinking and some feedback from readers I have decided to ditch the “rating” and add a simple Like/Don’t like rating for news. The idea will be that people can vote news up or down and the most voted items for each week will appear on the left sidebar and in a new page I will add.

The intent being to allow readers to vote on stories that they think are important or noteworthy so these stories will remain accessible from the front page even after they have dropped off of the front page.

Which isn’t to say that any of this new concept is set in stone 🙂 Comments and opinions are still greatly appreciated.

Update 2: Due to some server load issues I have disabled the comment rating feature. Ultimately I think its less interesting that the news rating (an odd change of perspective) and generates far, far more load.