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Commands & Colors: Tricorne - The American Revolution Up On Kickstarter

The American Revolution, to say the least, was a pretty big moment in history. Not only did the colonists winning their independence lead to a new country, it kicked off a further set of revolutions. But what would have happened had the British won? Do you think you have the military mind to command the Redcoats or the Army of the Potomac? How would you have handled crossing the Delaware? You can find out in Commands & Colors: Tricorne - The American Revolution, a historical combat game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:
Commands & Colors Tricorne - The American Revolution introduces many new game concepts, which add historical depth and provide even the most veteran Commands & Colors player many new play experiences and challenges.

The scale of the game fluctuates allowing players to effectively portray some of the larger American Revolution battles, as well as the smaller sized skirmish actions. In some scenarios an infantry unit may represent an entire brigade while in others a unit may only represent a few companies of soldiers.

The campaign is already over its funding goal. So it's on to stretch goals for the next... uh... 56 days. Yeah, you've got a bit of time to consider this one.