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Command Post Games goes right to the brink

Command Post Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Supremacy 2020, bringing back a new version of the classic board game of brinkmanship.
I remember giving lectures about brinkmanship back when I was working on a Master's in History.


From the campaign:

After the cold war, boom years and then great recession, new superpowers emerge to contest the old...

Six superpowers battle for global supremacy in this tense yet simple game of nuclear brinksmanship. Compete in international trade for vital resources: minerals, oil and grain. Speculate and trade commodities on the world market. A strong economy fuels the arms race as you build armies, navies, nukes and a ‘star-wars’ defense system. Borrow money from the world bank or invest in bonds to increase your income. Don’t borrow too much or the crushing interest will bankrupt you!

As conflicts and nuclear arsenals grow, the world becomes a much more dangerous place. A nuclear strike may vanquish an enemy but will the retaliation trigger a nuclear winter destroying the world? To win, you will need a delicate balance of diplomacy, economic and military strength. You must form alliances, negotiate, threaten and bluff. Many strategies can lead to victory but only one superpower will achieve SUPREMACY.

This complete re-design of the classic cold war game has an updated map, currency and countries for the 21st century! We have corrected and streamlined the rules to make the game faster, easier and more intense.