Coming soon: Victory Force Insurgents

By tgn_admin
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Aug 20th, 2011

Victory Force Miniatures will soon be adding a series of remastered Insurgent figures to their online store.


From their announcement:

Coming soon: The reworked Insurgents. The masters have been reworked and the master molds have been made. I will now begin working on the production molds.

Each pack will have 3 figures armed with Ak47s, one figure armed with a RPK , and one figure armed with a RPG. (5 figures)

There are two Leader types, the original and its conversion that will not be in the packs, but will be available individually. In fact, all the insurgents will be for sale individually

  • Those are nice. And a good assortment in the pack as well. Methinks I’ll need some of those.

  • Plastics? Scale?

    • Zac

      28mm and I assume they are in metal