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Comfy Chair release redesigned MechSpiders

Comfy Chair Games have added their redesigned MechSpider miniatures to their online store. Spider Mech From their website:
Comfy Chair Games is proud to announce our newly upgraded MechSpiders for the W.I.L.Dfire line. We went back to the workbench and redesign the weapons for the spiders to be bigger, badder and more full of awesome than ever before. So take a stroll into the comfy chair games Web store, look in the W.I.L.Dfire section and take a gander at the beautiful new MechSpiders. When assembled the spider chassis is 2 inches long by 2 inches wide by about an inch and a half tall without including the weapon. How can we sell this much metal for such a small price tag you ask? Simply put the MechSpider along with all the W.I.L.Dfire line are only available for sale through the website or conventions that comfy chair games is attending. This cuts out the middleman and puts the savi