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Comfy Chair Games updates their Dominion of the Gods Kickstarter to add more models

Comfy Chair Games is giving you more models in their Kickstarter starter box armies for Dominion of the Gods.

From the update:

We have just upped the model In our Kickstarter to 6 models per Quickstart box! We need your pledge to make this happen.
If you have already pledged, then your pledge will automatically be upgraded.

The Greek box set will be getting the five original models plus the special edition kickstarter cyclops with alternate weapons.

The Norse box set will be getting a second frost giant (the Frost giant is being sculpted with two different weapons you can choose from.)

The Celtic box set will get a second Fomori Warrior added to it.

The H.P. Lovecraft box set will receive a third Mi-go in the box set.

This is a great deal, we are not throwing in an extra 28 mm model, we are throwing in an extra model that is over 40 mm tall! So if you haven't pledged yet, stop on by and see were offering!