Combat Description Cards aims high with a Web App version

Conflict Roleplaying has made it through a bunch of stretch goals in their Combat Description Cards Kickstarter and they’re looking to add a Web App version in these last 4 days.


From the update:

The Combat Description Cards Kickstarter was funded in under two days, and it is now over 600% funded. However, the folks over at Conflict Games didn’t break out the champagne. Instead, they brought out a new Stretch Goal that would bring a web app version of the CDC Deck to the table. All 600+ combat descriptions would now be available online and on your phones via the app site.

That one Stretch Goal alone costs more than half of the entire rest of the Kickstarter.An ambitious goal, to be sure. But with 5 days left in the Kickstarter, they are actually coming close to reaching that goal.
The basic idea behind the Combat Descriptions Card deck is a simple one. When a combat erupts and someone is stuck for what to say, they draw a card. And lo, a phrase that fits the attack type and fighting style is right there, ready to be used.The cards are system neutral and focused entirely on the type of damage. So, they cover all basic physical weaponry, from daggers on up through 44 magnums.

With the success of this Kickstarter, Conflict Games also has begun thinking about expanding the CDC deck into covering Magic and Science Fiction weaponry. For now, they are concentrating on this Kickstarter, but they are excited about the possibilities for the CDC Deck’s future – especially if they meet the Web App Stretch Goal.

The “Combat Description Cards Kickstarter” runs until April 16th.