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Columbia Games Running The Last Spike Railway Game Kickstarter

Columbia Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Last Spike, their new railway-building game. The game incorporates both cooperative and competitive elements into it, as by only working together will the railroad be built, but along the way, players will be trying to get the most from the land the railway may cross over. The game is entirely skill-based, as there aren't any dice or anything like that. So it's through your shrewd play alone that will have you being the fattest railroad tycoon of them all.

the Board

The game board represents the US from St. Louis on west to Sacramento. Other towns on the map include Omaha, Dodge City, Denver, El Paso, Laramie, Yuma, and Ogden. Each route you take has specific challenges associated with it. There are some wide rivers to cross in the eastern section, and the western part is full of mountains. You have to budget your resources carefully in order to succeed.

But it's the cities where the real money lies. Rail lines between these points of contact can net you big bucks if you have the rights to the land. Stake your claim early for the best deal, but even if you don't get in first, when the rail line is completed, everyone gets paid. Cha-ching!


This Kickstarter version of the game comes with a deluxe, mounted map, rulebook, 45 land cards, 48 rail tiles, and deluxe currency chips.

The train leaves the station in 27 days. So if you want to be on it, you'd better buy your ticket (I.E. - the campaign ends in 27 days, so you have until then to pledge).