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Columbia Con Coming Next Week

If you're like Ross "The Legend" Thompson, you love conventions. You go to them whenever you can. It seems most of what I see from him is convention photos. As we all know, there are short conventions and longer conventions. You've got stuff like Salute which is just a single day. Then there's weekend-long shows, or extended-weekend like Gen Con. Well, how about a convention that goes on for a full week? Yeah, Prezcon is coming, and Columbia Con is its own mini-convention with it.


This annual show takes place in Charlottesville, Virginia. This year's show starts on the 22nd and goes until the 28th. Yeah, that's a lot of gaming. Columbia games will be there, as I mentioned, with tournaments for Julius Caesar, Hammer of the Scots, and more. Pre-registration is open now for both the show and the tourneys if you'd like to be in them.

That's a lot of gaming.