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Colours Of War paint sets out now from Battlefront

Getting just the right colors for your models is a big part of making them look great. Sometimes that can be rather difficult. This green just isn't green enough, or that shade of brown isn't really what you were looking for. This can be doubly-difficult when dealing with historical miniatures. Having the exactly-right shade for your tanks and uniforms is of utmost priority. Well, Battlefront is here to help you paint your Flames of War minis with their new Colours of War paint sets.

The first sets to be released are the Quartermaster's Paint Set, the German Armour Paint set, and the USA Paint Set. These will be followed by the Soviet Paint Set, the British Paint Set, and the German Infantry Paint Set. If you're looking to just get one set, it should probably be the Quartermaster's set, since it contains the standard military colors for the various WWII combatants.

And to help you even further, there's the Painting Guide to direct you along with which colors should go where on your minis.