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Colour of the Gods posts video review of Warhammer 40k 3rd edition

Colour of the Gods has been taking a nostalgic romp through old versions of the 40k rulebook and have posted up their video for the 3rd edition of the rules.

Small editorial: I personally started the game in 2nd edition (Orks) and almost never won a game. I once lost a game during deployment.
Then 3rd came out and personally, it's my favorite version of 40k that's ever come out. Note: I'm not saying it was a perfect game by any stretch, but of the versions I've played, I found it to be the best to play. No, it didn't have all the "funniness" of 2nd edition, but hey... I won most of my games in 3rd.
Feel free to discuss your favorite version of the game below.


From the video:

My third video in my ongoing series of reviews on the Warhammer 40,000 main rule books.
This is where I started wargaming.
In third edition, the rules, feel and layout of the game very much "plateaus" and makes the final transition into what we can now identify with as "modern" WH 40K.
Innocence is lost, and the monster that we know today is birthed at last from that colourful, primordial soup known as the 90s.