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Collins Epic Wargames posts Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 game play video, adds more reward levels to Kickstarter

Collins Epic Wargames has a video up on their Kickstarter page showing off game play.
They've also added some new pledge levels for the campaign.

From the update:

Two New Rewards Added – a limited bundle and a Store Game Day Event! If you are looking to pick up all three current games in the Spearpoint 1943 series, the Colonel – Limited Option is for you! For a great price, you can pick up all three, but there are just 30 of these available. For international backers, you’ll be pleased to note we’re covering half of the actual shipping costs in the limited vs. regular Colonel option.

If you are a retail store owner or know of a great retail store that might be interested, the Frontline General level may be of interest. Limited to 10, for $500, Byron will fly out to your store, demonstrate the Spearpoint line, and host a massive game day event for your store. Best of all, this level includes 12 copies of the Eastern Front game, and the store keeps all of the sales income.