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Collins Epic Wargames launches Polyversal Kickstarter

Collins Epic Wargames has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Polyversal, their new 6mm sci-fi miniatures game. Well, saying it's just Collins Epic Wargames is a bit false. I've been talking lately about "super groups" of game-makers coming together to create something more (usually in the form of porting games to English). Well, this Kickstarter is a partnership between Collins Epic Wargames and 6 other companies.

You see, Collins Epic Wargames is making the rules. They aren't making (and won't be making) any specific minis for the project. However, Brigade Models, Hawk Wargames, Plasmablast Games, Microworld Games, and Dark Realm have made figures that will be added to box sets for the game. Also, The Phalanx Consortium has made some terrain for the game. So yeah, quite a grouping there.

The campaign's not quite 1/4 of the way to their goal, but considering there's 58 days left to go, there's plenty of time.