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Cold War and Gangland rules released as PDF's

Wessex Games have released two new PDF based versions of their rulesets. From their announcement:
ColdWar: 1983 and Gangland are the latest rules from our back catalogue to be made available as PDF's at Wargames Vault. ColdWar: 1983 is a set of skirmish wargames rules primarily designed for section and platoon level actions between NATO and Warsaw Pact troops using 20/28mm scale miniatures. That said they can be used for pretty much any historical skirmish action of the last fifty odd years, as well as fictional post-apocalypse scenarios. Gangland is a set of wargames rules from Wessex Games, allowing you to recreate the gang battles that raged in the inner cities of the western world throughout the nineteenth century, as well as the fights against the forces of the establishment that occurred in cities like London, Paris and New York.