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Cold & Dark: Better Worlds Now Available in PDF

The galaxy is full of all sorts of planets. With quite a lot of space, there's lots of opportunity, but also plenty of dangers. For those traveling through space, it's best to know what worlds are just pretty good, and which ones are better. Thankfully, Modiphius has released Better Worlds, a new sourcebook for Cold & Dark.

From the announcement:

For hundreds of years mankind has terraformed and populated the Sirius Galaxy. Some worlds are never known as their destiny is to be destroyed as a part of the GIC core harvester machine. There are nineteen official established star systems and this book explores them all.

Better Worlds is a sourcebook for the horror science fiction game Cold & Dark. It gives a deeper and much more encompassing look at all the star systems and their planets. Learn about forgotten tribes, dangerous fauna, new hidden horrific threats as well as new organizations. Better Worlds is packed with information that will expand your gaming experience and allow you to set up fantastic stories in the world of Cold &Dark. Explore the enormous Claret City or deep jungles of Zedo. Fight gang wars in on the cutthroat Xindos space station or hunt for riches in the irradiated Thajala Badlands on Salin while fighting off raiders and mutants.