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Cold Climes Planetary Militia platoon Available From The Ion Age

It doesn't just get cold on Earth. I mean, look at places like Hoth. That place is terrifyingly cold. If you're going to wage wars in such a place, you're going to need to be properly equipped. And that's just what The Ion Age has for you with their latest releases. They have their new Cold Climes Planetary Militia available now for Patrol Angis.

From the announcement:

The Ion Age makes all of its releases for the month with twenty six new poses of 15mm space opera science fiction miniatures. The Cold Climes Planetary Militia who do the work of the regular Planetary Defence Forces in places where it is too chilly for standard Aketon armour. Two squads and a command element as well as all of this in a platoon plus with an extra free unique to it female sniper. Great for use in Patrol Angis (see IAB03 The Khanate Return) or any 15mm system. Click through for full details plus part one of a short tale and lots of pictures of close up and action shots from our own playing in the snow. Thank you for your support and all orders will begin shipping immediately worldwide.