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Code Zero Sci-Fi Minis Game Up On Kickstarter

A new sci-fi miniatures game is looking to make its mark on the world. It's called Code Zero by Garage Gaming, and it's up on Kickstarter now. Take control of your own fireteam of troops and look to complete your objectives before your opponents do.

From the campaign:

Code Zero is a 32mm miniatures skirmish game set in a futuristic alternate universe. Players take control of a small squad of troops, broken up into fireteams, competing with each other to achieve one or several objectives and complete their mission. These combat situations usually take place within a theater of war, on the borders along the core worlds of various factions. These dangerous worlds and systems which are on the outskirts of secured core sectors are known as Code Zero's. The owners of the territories tend to change hands monthly since many of them are inhabited by second class citizens, those trying to survive and make a living in harsh future.

Code Zero is designed to create a cinematic feel of gameplay, while reflecting the dynamic ebb and flow of the battle that can happen within any given engagement. We do this by utilizing an action/reaction system, allowing both players to interact in a method keeping everyone engrossed with the battle. Utilizing alternate activations along with a different method to resolve reactions this can create some unique situations

The first of our miniatures for this universe are digitally sculpted, 3d printed and cast in high quality resin.

The campaign is over its funding goal, but there's only 5 days left to get in on the action, if you're interested.