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CMON To Publish US Edition of Kaleidos

I'm a fan of hidden-object games. I used to play a bunch over on Facebook, until it got to the point where you needed friends to tag on things and blahblahblah. Thankfully, if you have a game like that that you play on the tabletop, you don't have to worry about e-tagging friends. You can just actually-tag them. Though no actual tagging goes on when you play Kaleidos, the US edition of which will be coming soon from CMON.


The game, originally produced by Kaleidos Games, is a bit like "visual Boggle." Players are given a picture and then a random letter card is drawn. You then have a minute to find all the objects you can in the photo that start with the particular letter. When time is up, points are tallied. You get 1 point for finding something that someone else found and 3 points for something nobody else found. After you get your points for the round, a new letter is drawn and a new round begins. Simple, quick, easy, good for players of any age, and very family-friendly for your get-togethers and game nights.

Kaleidos is a melding of art and gameplay perfect for families with children of any age or a casual game night. Spartaco Albertarelli says, “I’ve been waiting for this exciting moment for many years, and now I’m very proud to know that Kaleidos, my best selling game, is finally distributed in the US by such a great company like CMON Limited. CMON is big news in the game market today and everyone is talking about this fast growing company. Being part of the hype is a playful pleasure.”

Expect Kaleidos on store shelves later this year.