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CMON Releasing Kingz Tomorrow

It's good to be the king. That is, unless you've just died. Then, maybe it's not so great (though it was probably good while it lasted). The King of the Jungle has died. That means it's time to find a new one. And when you're the leader of all the animals, you've gotta be tough. As such, it's gladiatorial combat to determine the new King. And that's just what you're doing in Kingz, a new card game coming from CMON and Ankama tomorrow.


From the website:

Games of Kingz are played out over several rounds consisting of seven turns each. Players will choose their actions from a hand of cards and then reveal them simultaneously. The goal is to be the first animal to earn five Reputation points, or be the last animal left standing.

Everyone gets a hand of Action cards, three Armor tokens, a Bravery token, their specific animal screen, and a Rage! card. You’ll then get to choose a name for your animal warrior and write it in with a dry erase marker on the screen. Now, let’s get ready to rumble!