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CMON Releases Monstrous Card Game

CMON Releases Monstrous Card Game

Sure, they say it’s good to be the king. But you know what’s better? Being the god. What’s so fun about being a god? Well, how about when you literally hurl monsters down from the heavens to punish those puny mortals who didn’t quite burn your favorite incense during worship yesterday, or who aren’t genuflecting as low as they used to, or who have been skimming off the top of your holy wine stores? Sounds pretty good. It also sounds like what you get to do in Monstrous, the new card game available form CMON and Good Games Publishing.

From the release:

Being an all powerful God in ancient Greece comes with some pretty sweet perks. It can even go to your head a bit, looking down on those silly humans making sacrifices and offerings just to appease you. However, sometimes faith can be fleeting. Zeus has become unhappy with the level of dedication being displayed by the mortals lately. He’s made an order for a show of power that will restore the awe and belief that he’s become accustomed to. By his decree, players will rain down monstrous creatures from on high to remind people who’s in charge of the world. Time to introduce a little bit of chaos!

From CMON and Good Games Publishing, Monstrous is the thinking person’s dexterity game, with a ton of strategy to consider on every turn. Players become Greek Gods, throwing classic mythological Monster cards from atop Mount Olympus on to ancient sites. They’ll fight for control of the different locations to earn Faith points. At then end of the game, the player who has earned the most Faith will win a God-like victory!