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CMON Previews Um'Kator Tribe For HATE

Each tribe in HATE focuses on different strategies within the game. For the Um'Kator, they're the type that can work with fate, itself, to bring themselves victory. The old saying, "It's better to be lucky than good" applies here. If all the dice roll in your favor, how can you lose? (obviously, they can't just make all their dice roll whatever they want, as much as all of us wish we had such power...)

From the preview:

Sometimes slaughtering your opponents is the result of brute strength. At other times, a Tribe has to rely on their quick-thinking, inventiveness, and ingenuity. In the Um’Kator Tribe, everyone pulls their weight. They detest laziness and see it as the ultimate sin. While others lie in rest, the Um’Kator approach slowly, silently, with blades drawn, and slit their enemy’s throats in the night.

The Um’Kator rely on their flexibility to succeed in battle and to keep fresh meat in the bellies of the young ones of the Tribe. In battles, they have the ability to manipulate the dice, turning a glancing blow into fatal wound. The opponents of the Um’Kator may think they understand them. They may think they even have a physical advantage. But the Um’Kator are masters of trickery, and what you see of them is only what they want you to see. The cards in the Um’Kator Tribe deck provide them with options. They can choose to active the ability that best suits the situation. They are able to cycle through the deck quickly and find what they need, when they need it.