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CMON Previews The Cult For Rise of Moloch

In the world of Smog, zombies have become a regular part of life. They're not the rampaging hordes you usually see in horror movies (well, most of the time they're not, but we'll get to that). Instead, they're a cheap and readily-available labor source. The factories around London aren't going to run themselves (no matter what the technomancers are working on). But while researching the old deities, an even more-ancient (and quite a bit more malevolent) one was found: Moloch. And it's the cult that's trying to bring Moloch back that's the main antagonists of The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch.


The Cult isn't some faceless group of mindless followers. They are distinct personalities, such as Tobias, Emerson, and Ira Kodich. Each has a unique skill set that makes them deadly foes. Tobias is more than willing to wade into the enemy, swinging away. Emerson likes to deal with his foes far-off, either with precision shots or area attacks. Ira is the necromancer of the group, bringing forth zombies to do her bidding (told you it was at least somewhat like horror movies).

Will you be in control of these characters or fighting against them when you sit down to a game of Rise of Moloch?