CMON Previews Tank Xeno For Zombicide: Invader

For those that’ve played Zombicide, you know that there’s 4 classifications of zombies: walkers, runners, fatties, and the abomination. In Zombicide: Invader, there’s those same 4 classifications, but they’ve been renamed. walkers are workers. And the fatties have become the tanks. In this preview, we get a look at what those tanks will look like in the upcoming new setting for the franchise.

From the post:

The hulking Xeno Tanks lead the charge against the mining base on PK-L7, shrugging off all but the most potent attacks. Smaller breeds of Xenos find cover behind their mass. The Survivors would be wise to keep the Tanks at a distance, as they deal out two Damage with each hit.

The Survivors are going to have to face off with the Xeno Tank when Zombicide: Invader comes to Kickstarter on April 10 at 3PM EST.