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CMON Previews Princes Miniatures for HATE

It's a tough life out there in the wastelands. But, apparently, if you're good enough, strong enough, and eat enough other people, you can grow up to be pretty big. Makes sense, I suppose. What could be better for your body than exactly what it's made out of? Well, if you're a Prince in one of the Tribes in HATE, you'll grow up to be pretty big. Check out these figures coming for the game.

From the post:

Societies need leaders, and the Prince provides that for their Tribe. Their voice carries weight, and when they speak, their Tribe members listen. Princes tower over the rest of the Tribe in both status and stature. Check out the giant Princes from each Tribe as compared to their 32mm Tribe members.

HATE: The Board Game is coming to Kickstarter on January 16, 2018 at 3PM EST. These models are resin, the finals will be plastic.