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CMON Previews New Frenzied for Dark Age

CMON has posted a painted-up preview of two new Frenzied models for Dark Age they'll be coming out with soon. One of the new Outcast Slaver units, the Frenzied are actually captured Buzzblades that have been... persuaded to now work for the Slavers. You can find the stats for them in the recently release Dark Age: Outcasts book. Also, they're on the Dark Age website (check them out here). They're a bit of a nasty group, if you ask me, all melee slashy-ness with potential to bite incoming enemies. And if they don't hack away at someone on their turn, well... just make sure they hack at someone on the enemy side, or you may regret it.

From the announcement:


The Frenzied will soon be unleashed...