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CMON Previews Diplomacy in Rising Sun

There's a lot of games out there that have you battle it out against your opponent, crushing them with the might of your military industrial complex. Few include a way to talk your way out of conflict, though. Rising Sun is in that latter category, with diplomacy and alliance-forming being a major part of the game play. But how does it work? We get a bit of a look of it in this new preview.

From the post:

Most war games focus on building up military forces and finding strategic ways to deploy them. Players are tasked with finding the weak spots in their opponent’s defensive lines and exploiting them. But they must always deal with the fog of war, never really knowing what’s going on in the minds of the people they hope to destroy. Rising Sun is a game that definitely has a war element to it, but it also offers the new challenge of finding ways to ally with opponents and work together, at least, for a time. In fact, diplomacy and negotiation affect every aspect of the game, from the actions players take, to the alliances that are formed, to the battles that are waged.

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